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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No
  • The estheticians are not Licenced Massage Therapists and cannot perform deep tissue, structural work, or knot work.
  • Yes
  • The lymphatic drainage provided by the estheticians is all based in the face and neck; meaning they do not perform lymphatic drainage below the decollete (upper chest)
  • Yes and No
  • While the estheticians mainly focus on the face, they do offer a light effleurage (EF-Lur-aage) of the neck, declotte (upper chest), arms, hands, and calves and feet
  • Only upper body is included in the 50 minute facial 
  • Upper body, calves, and feet in the 80 minute facial
  • Yes
  • It is preferred that you come with a bare face but they are able to remove makeup upon your request 
  • No
  • They recommend that you wait 6 month after receiving any sort of new botox or filler before receiving any sort of facial treatments. As for routine filler and botox, it is still recommended that you wait 3 months before receiving facial services.
  • Yes
  • The esthetician can work around the eyelashes but this does mean they will not apply any steam during the service or warm compress to the eye area.

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